07/31/18: We look forward to taking shipment of our beta-bashers in August.

We thank everyone for their support and patience in the process and we can't wait for you to get your hands on these amazing trucks. 


06/25/18: Preparing for shipping (45 day ship) 

05/24/18:  On target for June 28 build completion (30 day build) 

04/19/18: Mass manufacturing process has begun 

4/10/18: Beta bashers arrived safely and passed internal QC.

04/04/18: Beta Bashers built. MTRV8 Black Engine upgrade model built.  

03/11/18: First test beta bashers to arrive in US in second week of April.

03/06/18: Drive shafts greenlit and internal beta testing. 

02/27/18: Engine mounting complete, plus v3 gear box set.

02/21/18: Off-road tread molded and machine cut. 

01/16/18: Aluminum chassis was remolded for strength to allow for better engine mounting. Wheels were drilled for axle alignment. 

01/05/18: This is where we will show some updates of building parts and the manufacturing process of our first 1:10 scale off-road trucks.